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Stop testing in Internet Explorer using compatibility modes

TL;DR? Use a VM instead!

Hunter's Stew Recipe (Polish: Bigos)

A recipe for the Polish National dish, Bigos.

Getting started with Ubuntu Server

Here are the steps I take when setting up a server. Basic configuration, security considerations and firewall rules.


Only make your users do it once!

Minify your CSS and JavaScript

Use Apache Ant, YUI Compressor and Google Closure Compiler to concatenate and minify your CSS and JavaScript.

LEMP: Linux, Nginx, MySQL and PHP

How to install Nginx, MySQL and PHP on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin).

The gist of an idea...

Can GitHub Gists be used to source control a document between many collaborators?

Use GitHub Pages for your Documentation

Host your API documentation alongside the code in your repository.